Guest Post: 5 Biggest Attorney Job Search Mistakes

One of the defining moments of an individual in any industry is getting employment to a position that they like and one that is well rewarding. To get such a position, a person has to invest in conducting a proper job search, else they are bound to get negative results.

These results include:

  • not finding a job position at all,
  • making less money than they are supposed to,
  • working in an area or field that one does not enjoy and
  • even getting a position that does not have any prospects of advancing.

Every job seeker is prone to making job search mistakes, even attorneys. Here are some of the 5 biggest attorney job search mistakes they make.

1. Majority of attorney job seekers are scared of opening themselves to rejection. This is usually the case especially with individuals who have had some experience in the field. Majority of these attorneys prefer to look for job opportunities from friends or few firms that they already know people. With these firms, they are assured of their application being accepted as compared to applying to another institution where they stand a chance of being rejected.

2. Most attorney job seekers do not allocate enough time for preparing professional materials for job applications. The law professional is one that is dedicated to the examination of details and making decisions based on those minute details. As such, when less time is spend in preparing job seeking material, the attorney may not get hired since the application documents may be too short or lacking in both content and precision. The application resume need to be more detailed than just stating that you are looking for a job.

3. Majority of attorney job seekers have limited options on where to look for jobs. The largest percentage of attorney job seekers rely only on newspaper advertisement, job application boards and word of mouth friends for job leads. What they do not realize is that law firms are constantly interviewing individuals, all they need to do is knock on their doors for that opportunity. Some of the firms with vacancies may not have the time for advertising, or have an opening that they are just waiting for the right individual to present themselves.

4. Most attorney job seekers are blind to the fact that majority of law firms are out to make profit from hiring them. As such, rather than presenting their job application like individuals who are out to benefit the firm, their application depicts that they are just out looking for employment without an intention of adding value to the organization.

5. The largest percentage of attorney job seekers do not study the job market before making their application. Just like in any other industry, there are particular law jobs, depending on the location and time, that one is likely to easily get employment as compared to others. For instance, in an area where crime rate is relatively high and few established companies, it is easier to get hired as a criminal attorney than to get a job as a corporate attorney.

Author Bio: Richardo is writer and businessman from New Jersey , with years of experience in employment law and other workplace related issues.

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Guest Post: Legal Rights and Damages in Construction Accidents

Although construction companies are required to ensure that every construction site is free from potential danger through routine inspections with safety engineers and safety programs, construction site accidents lead to thousands of injuries and deaths every year. As construction work is a high-risk occupation, laws have been enforced to increase the level of safety for construction workers and help improve the conditions in construction sites to prevent these accidents from happening.

Accidents cannot be completely avoided. There are instances wherein getting injured is inevitable. This may be due to negligence on the part of the employer or caused by defective equipment. If an accident is suspected to have been caused by either a negligent or intentional act by the employer or the manufacturer of the defective equipment, the injured party has the right to file a law suit or claim and seek compensation for damages. Here is a list of damages that a plaintiff can demand from his employer:

General Damages

This refers to compensation for the physical pain and suffering sustained from the accident, the loss of ability to perform normal everyday activities, and the loss of quality of life.

Medical Expenses

The plaintiff may claim reimbursement for medical expenses related to the injury.

Lost Wages

This pertains to the total lost income from the date of injury to the date of settlement.

Lost Earning Capacity

If the accident leads to loss of future income capacity, the plaintiff may claim for this loss.

Loss of Consortium

The victim may claim this type of damages related to relationship losses, such as loss of affection, spousal companionship, and sexual capacity.

Sacrificing the safety of construction workers in order to complete a project sooner or at a lower cost is never justifiable. When employers resort to cutting corners, people’s lives – the workers and their families – are adversely affected. It is the obligation of construction companies to ensure the safety of its employees and everyone within their construction site. Thorough inspection and regular maintenance of all construction equipment must be performed religiously. Safety methods must be in place and adequate training should be given to all construction workers to avoid potential hazards in the construction site.

Author Bio: Michelle Rubio is writing on behalf of Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick  – a New York based law firm with over 80 years of cumulative experience prosecuting personal injury lawsuits. This law firm is committed to providing legal support to personal injury victims and their families.

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Clients and Social Media: The Dangers

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, have undoubtedly become a part of our culture. Posting information online can be a way for you to express political views, personal achievements, distaste for your employers, and your social habits; your posts can also be used against you in a court of law.

That’s right. A simple tweet about your weekend excursions can come back to haunt you during litigation. Since the inception of Facebook, people have been warned to be discrete when posting information on networking sites; however, there are still many cases when a user’s false sense of anonymity gets the better of them. Those seemingly innocent posts may be the reason you lose in court.

As popularity of these sites grows, more emphasis has been placed on social media discovery—the exchange of social media information between parties. So, this means that whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, the statements you claim can be verified or negated by what you post in the social media sphere. The most common cases that benefit from social media discovery are alimony, custody, and injury cases.

Custody and Alimony

These cases can absolutely be determined by evidence uncovered on personal accounts. For example: a couple is in the middle of a lengthy custody battle, one of the parents posts pictures of a night out during what is supposed to be their night with a child. At the same time, that parent is demanding more time; well, the ex-spouse’s attorney can claim that the parent posting pictures is unfit to care for their child or clearly does not appreciate the time already given.

In terms of Alimony, there have been several cases in which a recently divorced partner has requested his alimony payments be lowered, but boasts on Facebook that he recently purchased a luxury vehicle. This can obviously sway a judge to deny the request. Alternatively, if a person is receiving alimony payments and claims they have no job skills and are currently not employed, yet their LinkedIn account proves they’ve listed several skill sets and states they are job-hunting; a court may be compelled to deny their request for extra monies.

Injury Lawsuits

In cases claiming injuries sustained while on the job, a car accident, etc., these too can be determined by information found on personal accounts. Let’s say a man claims to have hurt his back during a job and is taking legal action against his employer, claiming negligence. The attorneys representing the employer may turn to his Facebook page to justify or disprove his claims. If the accuser has posted recent pictures of him hiking or playing basketball, his claims may be immediately deemed false. He may lose the lawsuit, and more importantly his job.

Many insurance companies are taking to social networks to verify client’s applications. For example, if an applicant claims they live a moderate lifestyle and do not take part in risky behavior, but the insurer finds evidence suggesting the contrary (pictures of applicant scuba diving with sharks, sky-diving, racing cars, etc.) they may be denied a policy.


The most important thing to realize: the information you post online could be damaging. It should be common practice to limit personal activity on public forums. Remember that even though you have security settings to limit strangers from accessing your account, attorneys may very well be granted full access if pertinent evidence may be found. Professionals suggest limiting social media use during any court case. What may seem to be an insignificant comment may hurt you in the long run.

Author Bio: Noah Kovacs has over ten years experience in the legal field. He has since retired early and enjoys blogging about small business law, legal marketing, and everything in between. Twitter: @NoahKovacs

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Drunk Driving During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time to be spent with family and friends, celebrating the year past and looking forward to the one about to begin. While this can create a great opportunity for socializing, it can also present a serious problem to the health and safety of others. That’s because, at many of these holiday gatherings, guests who consume too much alcohol make the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel in wintry weather conditions.

Every year, the holiday season sees a spike in the number of DUI and DWI related accidents on our nation’s roadways. In fact, statistics compiled by MADD suggest that as many as 52% of fatal car crashes on Christmas day occur as a direct result of alcohol intoxication, and the number remains high throughout the holiday season. In 2011 alone, an estimated 25,000 crashes occurred during this time period because of drunk drivers.

Tips to Avoid Drinking and Driving

For many holiday party goers, it wouldn’t be Christmas time without a little alcohol to cheer the spirits. Nevertheless, there’s no excuse for doing something as dangerous as getting behind the wheel while drunk. Use these helpful tips to make sure that you and your friends stay safe this holiday season:

  • Designate a driver – if you’re going with a group of friends to a holiday gathering, make sure that one of you stays sober in order to get all of you home safely.
  • Call a taxi – if you don’t have a designated driver and you still want to drink, make sure that you don’t endanger yourself or others and call a taxi to take you home.
  • Avoiding driving late at night – most holiday parties end late, which is when the most drunk drivers will be on the roads. Look to get home as early as you can to reduce your risks of being involved in an accident with a drunk driver.
  • Be on alert – even if you haven’t been drinking, there’s a good chance that at least some of the people you’re sharing the road with have. Be on the lookout for erratic driving behaviors from other drivers, and if necessary, get out of the way of drivers that may be intoxicated.

Following these simple tips can help to ensure that your holiday season stays fun and safe.

Author Bio: Nancy Tran is a professional blogger who writes on a variety of topics. She has worked for clients such as medical malpractice attorneys, personal injury lawyers, and a DWI lawyer.

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Tips for Making Divorce Easier with Children

Divorce is a complex matter, no matter how amicable your split with your partner may be. While a couple who is pursuing a no-contest divorce may find divorce to be easier than other couples, they will still have a number of serious issues to work out. This is particularly true when it comes to couples who have children.

When seeking a divorce, the many practical issues that parents must consider seem to multiply exponentially. Making these important decisions can be especially difficult when emotions are high, and in some instances, children are upset or confused by what is going on. While each person’s divorce is unique and personal to them, there are certain issues that any parent can consider and tips they can follow to make the process of going through a divorce much easier and less frustrating, both for themselves and for their children.

Things You Should Consider as a Divorcing Parent

Separating from your spouse requires many factors, such as separating assets and paying alimony, to be determined. However, if a divorcing couple has children, the added elements of custody, visitation, and child support must also be considered. As such, when pursuing a divorce in which children are involved, you may want to consider the following tips to help you make it through as easily as possible:

  • Consider your specific needs and desires – It is first important to know what is most important to you, so you can make sure to focus on having your interests met. However, simply knowing that you want custody or something equally as broad is not enough; you need to consider the minute details of these issues, such as when you want custody, how often, and what decisions regarding your child’s life you want to have control over or be involved with, so that there will be less of a chance that you’ll be blindsided or not end up with an arrangement that makes you happy.
  • Prioritize and focus on your goals – It is impractical to believe that you can have everything you wish for in a divorce. As such, it is usually best to set a few of your goals and needs as priorities so you have a better chance at achieving a settlement that meets these. Additionally, when other issues come up or arguments start to escalate, knowing which issues are most important to you can be extremely helpful in allowing things to move forward as smoothly and amicably as possible.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can likely make the process of divorce and determining child custody and other related issues less complicated, saving yourself a lot of frustration and time.

Author Bio: Nancy Tran is an active blogger who regularly contributes to a variety of online resources, including many divorce blogs and a divorce lawyer website.

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Legal Consultation, Attorney Service, and Your Case in Mississippi

When you think about professional law related services and consultancy in matters pertaining to divorce settlement, child custody, criminal defense and a host of other areas, you must look for the services of one such company which has got the relevant experience in this field. Consultancy in matters relating to law can actually help you to find out ways to steer your way out of trouble. A lot many firms which has got the expertise are providing value added services to customers in varied and diverse legal fields. You are always welcome to do a complete and extensive research work over the Internet before thinking of hiring the services of one such professional law firm. It would be an intelligent decision on your part to look for the services of a certified agency which can provide easy and effective solutions to your problem. Law services have been much sought after among the general population in the recent times, as people have become prone to man-made situations and to come out of it you require man-made solutions.

Law consultation service has a lot of benefits in store for the common man as one is able to review and understand his current situation and make the necessary changes accordingly. So by making the necessary changes you are able to improve upon your current position and thus avoid going to the courts and get yourself entangled in complex legal paperwork and court proceedings. In matters pertaining to family law you need to seek expert advice from reputed solicitors and get the best deal in the form of quality law related advice. There are certain things that you got to look for while applying for a divorce or if you think of getting an out of court settlement.

* You must be ready with all the paperwork.

* You must possess all documented evidence, in the form of legal documents and photographs.

* You should also possess all the materials related to your case, be it divorce or child custody.

* Any personal injury or accident related case requires evidence in the form of witness.

This is how you can think of attaining the best possible service if you do a thorough research over the Internet and hire a professional law firm which has got the best attorneys, lawyers and legal experts. In the recent years International family law attorney has been very much in demand among the common man as the legal needs of individuals have skyrocketed as they find themselves entangled in a number of issues and situations.

So being a customer, you must look for one such law firm which has the specialization and expertise in providing services related to all aspects of law, be it family, injury or corporate law. You must be well prepared with your case and have a rock solid position to fight it out in the civil courts and emerge winner with your all possible resources. Family law happens to be the most desired attorney service the world over as it consumes a huge market due to the complication in family related matters in the recent times. People often have a clash with their ideals and ego and thus go about settling the slightest of matter in the court and it is here they require the value added services of attorneys and legal experts. So you got to focus on the best strategies and this is only possible if you hire the services of a renowned legal firm in the US.

Author Bio : Jecob Martin is a freelancer, and writes articles on International family law ideas as well as consumer affairs. 

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Car Accident Check List

After a car accident, it is essential for you to gather information that will help you identify who was involved and who was at fault, in order to build a case for a compensation claim. In addition to exchanging contact information with the other drivers, it is essential to gather a range of other important information that could support your case.
Exchange Details
Immediately following an accident, exchange the names and contact details of all of the parties involved. Be aware that the driver of a vehicle may not be the vehicle owner, so take down the name of the registered owner too. Swap insurance details and registration numbers and note a description of each of the vehicles involved, including the color, make and model of the car and the type and location of any damage sustained. To avoid running into problems, do not consult with the other party.
Record the Scene
Note the description of the location of the car accident and the way in which the accident happened. If you have a camera on hand, take pictures of the accident scene. Ensure that you capture the interior and exterior damage sustained to the cars involved, the conditions of the location in which the accident took place, any physical debris surrounding the accident scene, and any physical injuries sustained to drivers and passengers. Pictures of the accident scene can help prove who was responsible for the accident. If the cars involved have sustained a significant amount of damage, pictures can aid in understanding the forces involved in the accident. If you have a pen and paper on hand, draw a diagram of the accident scene too.
Gather Witnesses
Take down the names and contact details of any witnesses to the crash. They will be able to provide you with invaluable information should your case go to the courts.
Inform the Police
Inform the police about the accident, even if no-one has been injured. The police will be obligated to keep details of the accident on file and this will prove to your insurance company that an accident actually did occur. The police may only attend the scene of a car accident if someone has been injured. However, do not let this deter you from reporting the accident.
Undergo a Medical Check Up
You should visit a doctor immediately following being involved in a car accident, even if you do not have any obvious signs of injury. When you visit a doctor, offer a full description of any pain, swelling, bruising or discomfort that you have sustained. If you fail to seek medical attention after the accident, but find in the weeks following your accident that you have sustained an injury, the likelihood of you obtaining compensation for your injuries will be greatly diminished.
Keep a Record of Expenses
If you intend to make a claim for expenses such as your healthcare costs, keep any documents relevant to the care that you have received, including medical reports, prescription charges and receipts for your travel to and from the hospital. Most State law provides an opportunity to be compensated for any expenses that you incur as a result of the accident. However, you will only receive compensation for expenses that you are able to prove with evidence.
Author Bio: Brenda, who is writing on the behalf of Smiths Lawyers company, is an internet serial blogger for some time now. She is currently writing articles about personal injury compensation and personal injury lawyers, and she is contributing to many blogs which deal in said topics. She also enjoys writing about anything else that is connected to law. She is a student of law at the Griffith University.
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