Mario Cuomo Turned Down Supreme Court Post

Just recently, Bill Clinton announced at a Waldorf-Astoria fundraiser that Mario Cuomo had turned down a Supreme Court position. Clinton made the announcement as he was honoring Cuomo for the work that he had done to benefit his charity, Help USA. Help USA was started by Cuomo as a way to prevent homelessness in the United States, inspire individuals in impoverishes situations and provide them with opportunities to gain a fresh start for the future.

Dedication to New York

At the Waldorf-Astoria fundraiser, Clinton made it clear that Cuomo had turned down the Supreme Court nomination because he was so committed to New York. Clinton made this clear through a series of statements intended to praise the efforts of the past governor of New York. Cuomo served as the governor of New York from 1983 to 1994. Andrew Cuomo, the son of Mario Cuomo, is now currently the governor of New York.

USA Tribute Awards Ceremony

Mario Cuomo was present at the USA Tribute Awards Ceremony with other individuals who are committed to the organization. His wife, Matilda Cuomo, stood by his side throughout the night. Other celebrities were also in attendance at the event that night, including Marsha Gaye-Harden and Jessye Norman. Mayor Cory Booker was also present to show his support for the organization.

Past Issues

Mario Cuomo has had past experience in helping people facing displacement in the system. When he first started working as a lawyer out of law school, he was chosen to represent a group of 69 homeowners in New York. The 69 homeowners were from the neighborhood of Corona, which is located in Queens, New York. The homeowners were being forced out of Corona because of the city’s plan to build a new high school in the area. He was also appointed to handle a complex dispute over low-income housing in the city of Forest Hills. Forest Hills is one of the most affluent areas of New York.

Cuomo’s experience in representing victims who might have faced displacement is what led him to create Help USA. The organization has had a tremendous impact in helping people achieve an independent lifestyle and to be able to raise a family. At the recent gala, Maria Cole was given the Matrix Award for the evening. She said that “home” was the “essential global value” of the organization and that they sought to help support families across the nation.

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