Debt Collection

It is merely a fact of life that people do not always fulfill their financial obligations. Whether it be child support, rent payments, or payment for services performed, The Law Office of Joseph D. Songy can assist you in collecting on the debts you are owed. With the current status of the economy, people are having trouble paying their bills. As such they will choose to pay the debts that they know will be fiercely pursued by the creditor. Likewise, the debts that they feel they can get-away-with not paying or feel less threatening to them for one reason or another will be the first to go on the back burner.

Our attorney will work hard to make sure you retrieve the money you are owed by your debtors. We will use techniques such as writs of garnishment, garnishment of wages, garnishment of property, and writs of execution to recover your assets. Debt recovery can be tough, but our law office staff will pursue all available avenues through the Courts to return to you what is rightfully yours.