Criminal Defense

When faced with criminal charges, you need someone who will protect your constitutionally guaranteed rights and advocate for those rights. You always have options when you have been charged with a crime. You have the right to contest the charges in court, and the right to allow a court or jury determine if you have committed the crime. You can also have your attorney enter into plea agreement negotiations, for the purposes of trying to negotiate a lesser punishment for the crime with which you have been charged. Below is a list of some common crimes recognized under Mississippi law.

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Misdemeanor Charges: DUI, Drug Possession, Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment, Larceny, Theft, Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct, Indecent Exposure, Shoplifting, Trespassing, Disturbing the Peace, Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest, Solicitation, Hazing, Stalking, Prostitution

Felony Charges: Felony DUI (3rd offense), Felony Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Felony Battery, Homicide, Rape, Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Grand Larceny, Embezzlement, Robbery, Extortion, Forgery, Burglary, Arson, Perjury, Bribery, Felony Firearm Possession

This list of crimes is not exhaustive of the crimes recognized by the State of Mississippi, but rather a list of crimes that are commonly prosecuted under Mississippi criminal statutes.