Make an Appointment

The Law Office of Joseph D. Songy wants to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to get in touch with us and set an appointment. Potential clients may set an appointment by calling either phone number listed on this page. Also, potential clients may email us to request an appointment. If you are not contacted by someone from this office within 24 hours of sending an email, please follow up with another email or phone call.

Additionally, we understand that it is not always convenient for potential clients to meet at our office or during our normal office hours. For this reason we can make special arrangements to meet potential clients at times that are outside of our normal office hours, and/or arrange to meet potential clients at their home or another more convenient location. Also, we will do our best to make ourselves available for an appointment on short notice in situations requiring urgent attention.


Please note that a Client Contract must be executed in order to establish an attorney-client relationship and prior to the performance of any legal services.