Car Accident Check List

After a car accident, it is essential for you to gather information that will help you identify who was involved and who was at fault, in order to build a case for a compensation claim. In addition to exchanging contact information with the other drivers, it is essential to gather a range of other important information that could support your case.
Exchange Details
Immediately following an accident, exchange the names and contact details of all of the parties involved. Be aware that the driver of a vehicle may not be the vehicle owner, so take down the name of the registered owner too. Swap insurance details and registration numbers and note a description of each of the vehicles involved, including the color, make and model of the car and the type and location of any damage sustained. To avoid running into problems, do not consult with the other party.
Record the Scene
Note the description of the location of the car accident and the way in which the accident happened. If you have a camera on hand, take pictures of the accident scene. Ensure that you capture the interior and exterior damage sustained to the cars involved, the conditions of the location in which the accident took place, any physical debris surrounding the accident scene, and any physical injuries sustained to drivers and passengers. Pictures of the accident scene can help prove who was responsible for the accident. If the cars involved have sustained a significant amount of damage, pictures can aid in understanding the forces involved in the accident. If you have a pen and paper on hand, draw a diagram of the accident scene too.
Gather Witnesses
Take down the names and contact details of any witnesses to the crash. They will be able to provide you with invaluable information should your case go to the courts.
Inform the Police
Inform the police about the accident, even if no-one has been injured. The police will be obligated to keep details of the accident on file and this will prove to your insurance company that an accident actually did occur. The police may only attend the scene of a car accident if someone has been injured. However, do not let this deter you from reporting the accident.
Undergo a Medical Check Up
You should visit a doctor immediately following being involved in a car accident, even if you do not have any obvious signs of injury. When you visit a doctor, offer a full description of any pain, swelling, bruising or discomfort that you have sustained. If you fail to seek medical attention after the accident, but find in the weeks following your accident that you have sustained an injury, the likelihood of you obtaining compensation for your injuries will be greatly diminished.
Keep a Record of Expenses
If you intend to make a claim for expenses such as your healthcare costs, keep any documents relevant to the care that you have received, including medical reports, prescription charges and receipts for your travel to and from the hospital. Most State law provides an opportunity to be compensated for any expenses that you incur as a result of the accident. However, you will only receive compensation for expenses that you are able to prove with evidence.
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